Everything You Need to Know About Viking Wedding Rings

It was a horrible time to be alive in the early Middle Ages. Life is portrayed as monotonous, plodding, and war-torn. Societies, like the Nordic people of the Viking Age, endured harsh weather for the majority of the year. Weddings were a time to put aside all of these anxieties, enjoy the company of friends and families, and take advantage of the blessings of seven days of great weather, much like they are for us today.

viking wedding rings

More About Viking Wedding Rings

Viking rings and other Viking jewelry were known for its distinctive designs, which included geometric shapes, charm drawings, symbols, and a variety of animal totems. In ancient times, these wedding rings were generally fashioned of bronze or silver, while gold was reserved for the wealthy and royal.

What Are the Various Viking Wedding Rings?

A few of the different types of Viking jewelry you can find are:

Aegishjalmur Ring

This emblem, which can be translated as “helm of awe”  was utilized as a sort of protection against both visible and invisible forces of evil throughout the Viking age.


Mjolnir Ring

Mjolnir, or Thor’s hammer, was the most powerful weapon ever created, capable of flattening even mountains. This emblem, known as the ‘god of thunder and lightning’, was widely employed in ancient times by people who believed it had the capacity to safeguard them against storms and other horrible tragedies. It was also used as a benediction in ceremonies, particularly at weddings.


Valknut ring

The Valknut, or “slain warriors knot,” is a three-triangle knot that emerges in various archeological artifacts that refer to the old Germanic people of the Viking age. It represents the concept of nine planets as well as rebirth.


Runes Ring

The alphabet that the Vikings used to communicate consisted of a total of 24 runes. They were utilized by seers to understand the universe, although there were many versions that addressed trade and individual name initials.


Yggdrasil Ring

This is also referred to as the Tree of Life or World Tree. A legendary tree is thought to be the gateway to the nine worlds, which house all of life’s cycles of birth, death, growth, and resurrection.


Vegvisir or the Viking Compass Ring

This artwork, which means “way-finder,” is made up of eight wands that branch out from a central point to represent the four cardinal directions. It was designed to help the sea carrier see or navigate through rough waves and bad weather.

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Why Did Vikings Wear Wedding Rings?

Vikings wore their rings in a very elegant manner. The bride and groom would first exchange swords at a Viking wedding, according to tradition. The man’s sword to his woman symbolized his bloodline’s continuance, while the woman’s sword to the male symbolized her father’s handover as protector and guardian to the spouse. They would then place the wedding rings on the tips of each other’s swords and give them to their spouse to put on.

What Materials Were the Rings Made of?

All Vikings wore silver, bronze, amber, and glass rings, irrespective of their social or political status. Gold, on the other hand, was only for the wealthy. Rings were extremely important to the kingdom’s political and social stability. More importantly, at weddings, rings were used to cement a contract between two Viking families and were held in high regard.

Can You Buy Viking Jewelry Today?

Because of the availability of materials, the integration of technology, and the increase in interested and open-minded individuals, so many jewelry stores have sprouted both physically and digitally in today’s globe. Viking jewelry with symbols and remains from the Nordic era can be found in pure silver, sterling silver, gold, as well as stainless steel.

The Bottom Line

Most Viking emblems have motivating and empowering meanings. The designs are detailed and can be customized. They are true works of art that are well worth the money. Consider them as a potential gift to your loved one for your wedding.

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