The Viking Hoodie | Clothing Inspired by the Norse

The Vikings were seafaring folk who traveled the seas by ship. Because they were a nation feared by many other civilizations, their history is well documented. They were known for being brave and strong, which is why many people remember them by donning Viking-inspired clothing.

Many business ventures have focused on incorporating images inspired by Norse mythology into fashionable clothing for men, women, and children. This article discusses all you need to know about Viking hoodies.

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What Is a Viking Hoodie?


viking hoodie

Hoodies are essentially sweatshirts with a hood at the back. These clothing items are designed to keep you warm and make fashionable additions to your wardrobe. While the Vikings certainly didn’t wear hoodies during the 9th to 11th centuries, modern designers have created Viking-inspired apparel that incorporates elements reminiscent of that time in history.

Inspiration for Viking Hoodie Designs

From weapons to unique drinking vessels, the Norse had a unique culture that is still remembered today. If you’re wondering where designers draw their inspiration from, here are a few things from Viking culture that influence the design of these items of clothing.


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You probably picture ships, axes, and swords when you think of Vikings. The truth is that Viking weapons and tools were a big part of the Viking culture, which is why you’ll find several weapon-inspired designs on these hoodies.

Many weapons discovered in burial sites had intricate designs and patterns that many clothing designers have used to create their hoodies and sweatshirts. When browsing through Viking hoodie designs online, you will likely encounter this kind of imagery.


Viking Warriors

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The Viking warrior was a revered and respected part of the Viking community, not just among the Vikings but also among other civilizations.

They were known for their bravery, often traveling for miles on foot to invade other nations. This is why these warriors have inspired many hoodie designs.

Vikings also loved to wear bright colors that were a symbol of wealth and high status, so you can be a part of this cultural practice by choosing a brightly colored hoodie!


The Norse Saga: Join the Mystical World of the Vikings

Norse sagas are bodies of text that document stories that stem from Icelandic and Scandinavian origin. They tell the tales of the gods but also document the lives of the common people, providing us with a unique insight into the lives of these people.

These stories have inspired many writers to create movie scripts depicting Odin and Loki, but they haven’t just made good movies. Norse sagas have also prompted clothing designers to create inspiring pieces for Viking fans to wear.

By donning these hoodies, you will be inspired to learn more about the people that once lived in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a Viking-inspired hoodie is a great way to show your appreciation for the Viking nation and everything it stood for. Viking hoodies aren’t just meaningful, either.

They are also very fashionable, and many online stores have hoodies in a number of designs, so no matter what your budget is, you’re sure to find a hoodie at the right price!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most common questions asked about Viking hoodies in the section below.


1. Where Can I Find Viking Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Other Viking Apparel?

There are several online stores dedicated to Viking accessories and clothing. A number of designers have focused their efforts on producing fashionable clothing for men and women that incorporate elements from Viking culture.

Search for Viking hoodies on Google and review the selection results to find an appropriate online store. Next, shop the latest fashion, add your products to your cart, close cart, select your country, and checkout. The online store will deliver your order to you. It really is as easy as that!


2. Are There Any Viking Accessories I Can Use with My Hoodie?

Yes, several online stores sell fun accessories that you can pair with your favorite Viking-inspired hoodies, sweatshirts, and other Viking apparel. Pair your hoodie with a pair of Viking hammer earrings, a necklace, or a belt with Scandinavian embellishments.


3. Can I Buy an Authentic Viking Hoodie?

No, there are no authentic Viking hoodies. These clothing items were developed in the 1930s and were not part of traditional Norse apparel.

Modern designers have taken inspiration from Norse mythology, the Viking Age, Baltic stories, and more to design these hoodies.

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