Viking Boy Names | Finding Meaningful Norse-inspired Names

When naming your baby boy, you are likely considering a variety of things. These include the names of family members or ancestors, meaningful names, names that are popular in certain parts of the world, or names that reflect a value you’d like your son to have in the future, such as an athletic or intellectual ability, charm, and a feisty personality.

If you are familiar with seafaring Norse people who lived in Scandinavian countries, you may be considering Viking names for your baby.

Viking culture has been well studied, and if you have seen Marvel Thor movies or are familiar with old Norse mythology, a meaningful Viking name may be just what you’re looking for.


Viking names are derived from countries in Scandinavia, including Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Often, the Vikings would invade nearby countries, so many of the Viking names on this list also have origin in countries like Iceland.

Other sources of inspiration include Norse Mythology and the Viking gods, which were revered by Nordic societies. Weaponry such as axes, spears, and swords also served as inspiration for some of these names.

Additionally, rough terrain, historical figures, and animals with a lot of power and strength, such as the eagle or bear, also served as inspiration for these strong Norse names.

There are several names inspired by a Norse goddess or a famous Viking warrior. Here are some of our most-loved famous Viking names to choose for your baby boy.

Old Norse Names from Norse Mythology (That Were Not the Names of Norse Gods)

Norse mythology has played a significant role in shaping our view of the old Norse society. They describe the Viking settlement and tell of Norse gods and rulers.

viking boy names


What better way to find a Viking boy name than by looking to old Norse mythology? Here are 10 of our top picks from Norse mythology.

  1. Aesir – which means “a god”
  2. Aric – a name from Norse mythology that means “the complete or eternal ruler”
  3. Arkyn – eternal king’s son
  4. Arnkell – referring to an eagle
  5. Ari – another name that refers to an eagle
  6. Asper – which means “spear of God,” essentially implying that your child will be a tool in the hand of a Norse god
  7. Brandt – a name taken from Norse mythology that refers to a divine sword
  8. Dustin – another popular name from Norse mythology that means Thor’s stone
  9. Fenrir – a giant wolf
  10. Herleif – a strong name from Norse mythology that means “the descendent of a Viking warrior”

Norse God Names

The Nordic gods played an essential role in the ancient Nordic civilization. They were often revered for their strength and the ability to bring fortune. What better name for your little boy than the name of one of the Viking gods?

Depositphotos 408912616 S e1659686092951 Viking Boy Names | Finding Meaningful Norse-inspired Names


If you are looking for Norse god names from the Viking era, we have 10 names that are sure to represent the strong man your little boy will grow up to be.

  1. Balder – which means “prince”
  2. Bragi – the Norse god of poetry, according to Norse mythology
  3. Frey – referring to the Norse God of rain, sunshine, and fertility
  4. Igor – according to Norse mythology, Igor was the god of prosperity and good weather
  5. Loki – the Norse god of mischief
  6. Odin – Noble ruler of death, war, wisdom, and art
  7. Thor – the Norse god of war, thunder, strength, and storms. He is perhaps one of the most popular Norse gods who was known for his incredible strength
  8. Thorsen – an alternative name for Thor
  9. Tor – the son of Odin. This name means “thunder warrior” or “turtle dove”
  10. Tyr – God of justice and war, according to Norse mythology

Icelandic or Ancient Scandinavian Boy Names

If you don’t like any of the names from Norse mythology or are looking for something more traditional, you can find inspiration from these names. In the list below are some of our favorite Icelandic and ancient Scandinavian names.

  1. Aaren – which means “inspired”
  2. Alex – a defender
  3. Arlik – a gracious and noble king or ruler
  4. Audor – meaning wealth or prosperity
  5. Axl – the father of peace
  6. Bjarne – referring to a bear
  7. Erwinek – someone who can be found at sea
  8. Erik – which means “eternal ruler.” Erik was also the name of the man responsible for the very first Viking settlement in Greenland
  9. Gisli – meaning “to pledge” or “a pledge”
  10. Hrafen – which alludes to a raven
  11. Jakob – referring to a supplanter

Swedish Norwegian Names

Because the Vikings invaded so many regions, they were often split into different tribes or groups. We know from archaeological evidence that the Vikings in these different regions spoke the same language and had similar cultural beliefs and practices, which is why several names have several origins.

If you are looking for names that have a Swedish Norwegian origin, we have just the thing. Here are our top 10 Swedish Norwegian boy names.

  1. Alf – the name for an elf
  2. Bjoern – which refers to a bear
  3. Ebb – meaning “wild boar”
  4. Helge – which means blessed or holy
  5. Henny – ruler of the home
  6. Ivar – referring to an archer or a bow warrior
  7. Leif – an heir or a descendent
  8. Magnus – which means mighty and powerful
  9. Njord – meaning strong
  10. Olaf – this name means “ancestral heir” and was also the name of a Nordic ruler

The Perfect Danish Names for Boys

Danish Vikings, also referred to as the Danes, were among the most democratically ordered societies of all the Vikings. That’s why, even before Norwegian Swedish Vikings, Danish rulers had a larger role in Viking conquests.

The Danish were the most powerful of the Norse tribes in terms of diplomatic and military might. Here are some of our top Danish names that are perfect for a baby boy:

  1. Aren – meaning eagle
  2. Asbjorne – which means “bear”
  3. Bjarke – another strong name that alludes to a bear
  4. Frode – wise and knowledgable
  5. Gorm – meaning “attentive”
  6. Hagen – which means “protected place”
  7. Oslen – the son of Ole
  8. Ove – meaning protection from the gods
  9. Tarben – which refers to Thor’s bear
  10. Sven – a young man or warrior

The Vikings were seafaring Norse people who fearlessly invaded other nations and traveled by ship and foot.

We have much evidence in the form of archaic texts and the artifacts obtained from burial sites that give us insight into the lives of this fascinating society.

Vikings are still revered and appreciated for their bravery throughout the world. This is why giving children Viking names has become increasingly popular to acknowledge and remember these mighty men and women from the past.

We hope you found our list of the 50 best Viking names for little boys helpful and learned a little about the Norse!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to your most asked questions about Viking boy names.

1. How Do I Choose Viking Names?

Make sure you’re acquainted with the pronunciation before choosing a Viking boy name for your baby boy.

Because most of these names aren’t well-known, you should prepare yourself to teach others how to pronounce them.

Make sure you understand the meaning behind the name you choose because the name you choose should reflect your wishes for your new little Viking warrior to grow to be as brave and daring as the Norse were.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a name is to determine which name appeals to you and sounds like it could e a good description of your future child.

2. Why Should You Choose a Viking Name for Your Baby Boy?

There are several reasons why people choose Viking boy names. One reason is to honor their Viking heritage.

Nordic descendants may find that choosing a Viking-inspired name for their child might be the best way to honor their heritage. However, you do not need to have descended from the Norse to use Viking names for your kids.

Choosing a Viking name could also reflect your personal desire for your little one to grow up to be brave and fearless, as the Norse were. The symbolism and meaning behind several of these names are powerful, which can be a great boost of confidence for your little one as he grows.

It is also great to choose a Viking name if you love learning about the Viking Age, as that passion can be passed down to your son, who will one day seek to find the meaning of his name.

3. Where Do Most Viking Names Come from?

Most Viking boy names featured on this list have ancient Scandinavian or Swedish Norwegian origin. However, some come from Iceland and Denmark.

Several Viking boy names were taken from Norse mythology that was written in the 13 century as ancient Scandinavian people sought to document everything they could from the Viking culture.

Many of the names are of Norse gods that featured in Norse mythology and secret lore that was filled with stories of the gods and even the common man, providing incredible insight into the world of the Vikings.


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