Viking Wolf Tattoo, Other Options, and Suggestions You Must Consider When Getting Inked

More and more people are getting Norse wolf tattoos each day, and it’s partly due to how popular Norse mythology has gotten since the release of some series and movies. Wolf tattoos are particularly common, and this article teaches you what you need to know about them.

viking wolf tattoo

Norse Mythology Is Popular

Movies and series have made people interested in Norse mythology, even if they didn’t know anything about it before.

Nowadays, Norse wolf tattoos are becoming very popular since more people are reading up on the myths and getting to know the mythical wolf Fenrir.

Ever since movies such as Thor and series such as Vikings aired, people who knew nothing about Norse mythology learned some basic aspects of it, and in many cases, the series and movies sparked an interest that quickly became a passion.

On occasions, Norse mythology means a lot to people. There are myths you might feel identified with, or perhaps the brave, scary, mythical wolf Fenrir remembers you of someone or something in particular.

Regardless of what’s behind your love for the Norse wolf and its myths, Viking tattoos are a way to commemorate your passion and embed it on your skin for the rest of your life. Thus, getting a Fenrir tattoo is one of the best decisions to make!

Some Common Designs

Even though getting a Fenrir tattoo is a fantastic idea, there are also other Norse tattoo options you might want to check out. This section gives you some alternatives to consider:

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Norse Wolf Tattoo

The first option on the list is the classic Norse wolf tattoo, which is often a detailed design of Fenrir.

This Norse wolf made his appearance in the Poetic and Prosaic Eddas, and history says that the Gods imprisoned him because they knew he would cause many problems.

However, Tyr tried to bind Fenrir, so the giant wolf bit his hand off. He is a symbol of many things, but essentially, the Norse wolf symbolizes wild freedom, bravery, and fearlessness. If these are traits that resonate with you, getting this design for your Norse tattoo is a fantastic idea.

Viking Skulls and other Symbols

Norse mythology and Viking symbolism are very rich, so there are numerous options to choose from if you want to get a tattoo.

You can get different symbols, for example, the Viking compass, a skull, the Helm of Awe, and more.

Each symbol means something different, so it’s imperative that you understand what you’re getting for your tattoo design.

The key is to talk to your tattoo artist and make sure they’re experienced and work with you to get the result you want. Since there are so many Viking symbols, going through them might be challenging at times. You can get anything from a Valknut tattoo to other alternatives, and they’re all unique.

Thus, your Viking tattoo will last a lifetime, so working with your tattoo artist is essential for you to get the art you want.

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Another fantastic alternative to explore is to get the Norse gods. Loki, Thor, Balder, and Odin tattoos are very common.

Even though you wouldn’t be getting the giant wolf Fenrir, having another type of Norse mythology design on your skin is also a fantastic option. You can choose the god you admire the most, the one you feel you identify with, or just your favorite. It’s your tattoo design, so you must pick what makes you feel better.

Loki is the trickster of Norse myths while Odin watches over all and Thor reigns over thunders and storms. Pop culture has made them famous, and now you can get your new tattoo by picking the deity you want and having them on your skin forever.

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Asides from a Norse wolf Fenrir tattoo, you can also get other creatures. Odin had two ravens, Huggin and Munnin, and they are a common pick if you want something more subtle.

Other people prefer more aggressive and impressive creatures, so they might go with different Nordic symbols such as dragons or the Kraken, a mighty sea creature that sank ships.

Each tattoo design you choose is unique, and all options have different meanings. Therefore, getting one that’s special for you is a great idea since it must make you feel good about your body and content with the fact that you’ll have it for the rest of your life.


The last category of tattoo designs is objects, which includes famous options such as Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) and Viking longships.

Objects are also Viking symbols, so getting something from this category can quickly make you feel like you’re honoring the slain warriors. Mjolnir is one of the most famous and popular alternatives, for example, since it became widely known after Thor and The Avengers aired.

Why Getting a Viking Wolf Tattoo Is Ideal

If you’re thinking about getting a Norse wolf tattoo, you might be wondering why this is the correct option for you. Overall, not everyone has a specific reason to choose a design, so you may want more reasons to get Fenrir on your skin.

A Fenrir tattoo is special because you’re getting a giant wolf, a wild creature, on your body. This Norse wolf is not just a symbol – he was a living being that Vikings respected and admired.

Trying to find answers regarding Viking culture is often futile because no one knows for sure, not even historians. However, it makes sense to assume that Fenrir was a scary creature that instilled fear even in the gods.

Consequently, getting Fenrir might mean that you’re not afraid anymore. Your Norse wolf tattoo can be a personal symbol of fearlessness and bravery.

At the same time, wolves are loyal, so this might be another factor to keep in mind if you’re looking for a specific animal that represents a feature you love.

A Fenrir tattoo might also mean that you either want to break free or that you already did it. The myths tell tales about how this gigantic creature cut Tyr’s hand, so he is often associated with breaking through chains that bind you.

Regardless of your reasons to get a Norse wolf tattoo, choosing this Viking art design is one of the best ideas you can have. It might make you feel empowered, brave, and free, and remind you to stay loyal and true to yourself.

How to Pick Your Ideal Design

Picking the ideal Norse wolf tattoo design is often more challenging than it seems, so you should choose something you’re content with even years from now. Take a look at some suggestions to follow:

Go on Pinterest or Read Different Articles

The first step in choosing your ideal design is to go through different options, and for that, you can rely on two alternatives:

  • Going on Pinterest
  • Looking for articles (like this one) where you learn more about the significance of your design

Both of the previously mentioned options are convenient, especially if you want something with a meaning behind it. Understanding what you’re getting tattooed is essential, particularly if you don’t know much about Norse myths. You need to guarantee that the design you pick conveys what you want and not something else.

At the same time, going through different options on Pinterest and Google allows you to see what other people have gotten as tattoos. Thus, you might feel inspired to get yours!

Talk to People Who Have Tattoos

Talking to people who also have tattoos is a fantastic idea. If you’ve never gotten one before, it’s even more crucial that you do this since pain can vary depending on the part of the body you choose.

When you talk to someone who already has tattoos, they might encourage you to get yours even if you’re scared. Additionally, they can give you tips if you’re a newbie, or even recommend specific body parts depending on the design you choose.

Make a List with Your Favorite Designs

Once you get inspired, it’s time for you to make a list of your favorite Norse wolf tattoo designs. Your list might look something like this:

  1. Fenrir tattoo
  2. Detailed Norse wolf tattoo
  3. Fenrir in chains tattoo

Alternatively, it can also be more detailed and include different specifications that make you remember the different options you chose. You can make it however you want to as long as it works for you.

Narrow it Down

You have to summarize your list once you have it, and the best way to do this is by thinking about the future. Ask yourself how you would feel about each design a few years from now, and you might quickly discard some alternatives.

Pick Your Design

Now that your list is shorter, it’s time for you to pick your favorite design! Choose your Fenrir tattoo and get ready to go to the next step. You’re still not getting inked yet, so don’t panic.

Learn about Tattoo Shops

You need to do some research and learn about tattoo shops in your area. After doing this, you’ll probably find a few that work for you, and that others have said positive things about.

It’s essential that you don’t go to just any tattoo shop. Hygiene and professionalism are crucial, so you must guarantee that the one you choose offers both things.

Set up an Appointment

Depending on the details on the Norse wolf tattoo you pick, you might be able to set up an appointment and get tatted on the same day. However, if your tattoo requires more details and attention, you may need to go to various sessions.

Even so, you must discuss this with your tattoo artist, so setting up an appointment is crucial. Once you do this, you can know if they’re able to ink you right away or not.

Get Inked

The last step in the process is getting inked! You’re now all set to get your Fenrir tattoo, so trust your artist and follow their suggestions.

Getting a tattoo might be somewhat uncomfortable, but if you follow the suggestions of the artist and clean it properly, it will look amazing in a matter of weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My Design Is the Best?

Each person is different and has unique needs, so there is no design that fits everyone. Instead, the best one is the one that you love and that you feel comfortable with. Therefore, to know if yours is the ideal one, ask yourself if you’re happy with it.

How Do I Pick the Perfect Artist?

Picking the correct tattoo artist is essential if you want to be happy with your results. To achieve this, check their credentials and portfolio, and compare that with the type of artwork you want.

Each artist has a unique style, so you must guarantee that the type of art they make is similar to what you want. If it is, then trust them and go get your Norse wolf tattoo.

What if I’m Not Sure About My Design?

There are different things you can do if you’re unsure about your design. You can, for example, talk to your tattoo artist and see if they recommend something different.

If you’re unable to determine what you don’t like about the design, you might want to try to get something different.


Getting a Norse wolf tattoo is a fantastic idea, especially since it represents many different things. Now that you know where its significance comes from and other essential aspects of it, you can make your decision and book an appointment with a tattoo artist.

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