What You Should Know about the Cast of Vikings in Real Life

Vikings is an excellent television series written and created by Michael Hirst. This Canadian-Irish historical drama was originally supposed to be a miniseries, but it became the television sensation and is now in its sixth season.

The series brings everyone into the brutal and ethereal world of Ragnar Lothbrok; he’s one of the best-known Viking warriors ever known. You are taken through the raids and explorations across the ocean.

Throughout the episodes of the Vikings, you encounter more diverse characters, and they’re all put to the test as innovation and ambition rattle the civilization they live in. Many people have marveled about the Vikings and now get to experience them in real life.

It’s important to understand the many characters involved. You learn about who they were in the past and what the actors and actresses are doing now.

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Gaia Weiss as Thorunn

Thorunn is initially a servant and introduced at a dinner party that Ragnar holds. Her name is Norse, and it’s likely that it was captured in wars among those tribes. After she was freed by Aslaug from slavery, she transitions into the Shield-maiden. The first few seasons have her falling madly in love with Bjorn, though he was high above her status.

Gaia Weiss played Thorunn and is a French actress and model. She was born into a Polish-French family and honed to become the most accomplished ballet dancer. However, she went into acting in 1999 once she attended the London Academy for Dramatic Art and Music.

Alyssa Sutherland as Queen Aslaug

Queen Aslaug is the daughter of the legendary Brynhildr, a Shield-maiden, but she also became Ragnar Lothbrok’s second wife. Most people believed her to be a volva or someone who saw the future through visions.

Alyssa Sutherland is the actress who played this role, and she stood out among the other characters because of her unique physical appearance and excellent acting. However, she only appeared in one episode for season one, even with accreditation as a main member of the cast.

Overall, Alyssa Sutherland was born in Brisbane and started her modeling career in Australia after winning the ’97 Bonne Belle model search from Girlfriend magazine. She then signed up with Vogue Australia. Soon, she moved to acting, appearing in Day on Fire and The Devil Wears Prada.

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Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki

Floki is the closest and most peculiar friend of Ragnar Lothbrok, but he was a trickster and boat builder. Plus, he’s the father of Angrboda, the husband of Helga, and the adoptive father of Tanaruz.

The actor, Gustaf Skarsgård, is a true Scandinavian, which is rare for the show. His father, Stellan, is known for playing in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as Bootstrap Bill Turner and in Good Will Hunting as Professor Gerald Lambeau.

Overall, Gustaf Skarsgård, the Swedish actor, is known outside of his role here in films, such as Kon-Tiki, Evil, and The Way Back. Most recently, he was Karl Strand in Westworld’s second season, the hit HBO series. However, he likes the professional and clean-shaven appearance in real life.

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Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok was born and raised in Southern Norway near Kattegat and was the protagonist of this show until he died in season four. The Ragnar character became a clever boy while growing up and killed the Norwegian King Siward at just 15 years old. He was also Lagertha’s ex-husband, father of Bjorn and Gyda, and Rollo’s brother.

Travis Fimmel is a former model and actor from Australia. He’s known for playing Tarzan in Tarzan and for being on this show. Overall, Travis Fimmel played in The Baytown Outlaws as McQueen Oodie and in Warcraft: The Beginning as Anduin Lothar.

Josefin Asplund as Astrid

Astrid is Lagertha’s former lover and a Shield-maiden, but she didn’t come on board until season four. In fact, she started the show in Lagertha’s court at Hedeby. While you don’t see much of her on Vikings initially, she was a true catch.

Josefin Asplund played Astrid, but she’s more known for being Pernilla Blomkvist for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Recently, she got the lead role in The Circle, which is a film adaptation of a Swedish novel.

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Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, the Queen of Kattegat

Lagertha is the Queen of Kattegat. The well-respected warrior and famous Shield-maiden could match any male counterpart’s strength. It seems like this woman was into martial arts! However, she lost her children, which was highly painful. From there, she became fiercely independent and portrays herself as conniving and vicious to her enemies.

Katheryn Winnick played Lagertha, but she’s also a Canadian actress with a Ukrainian background. Overall, Katheryn Winnick has been in The Art of the Steal, Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan 3, Bones, and Amusement.

Though Katheryn Winnick portrayed Lagertha as a truly feminist character, she got a black belt in martial arts at just 13 years old!

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Linus Roache as King Ecbert

King Ecbert was the King of Mercia and Wessex and was worldly and ambitious. This man had great knowledge, strength, and was willing to use his qualities wisely.

While Linus Roache isn’t a king in real life, he enjoyed playing one. This English actor looks similar to the show’s character without the medieval clothes. Plus, he played Robert F. Kennedy in RFK, winning a Golden Globe Award.

When he wasn’t being a king, he played in The Gathering Storm as Ralph Wigram, winning a Satellite Award for the Best Supporting Actor.

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Moe Dunford as Aethelwulf

Aethelwulf means Noble Wolf, and he was the King of Mercia and Wessex. In fact, he succeeded King Ecbert, his father, after his death and following the destruction of the royal villa in Wessex from the Great Heathen Army. Plus, he was in the Battle of Rapton.

Moe Dunford played this character and had to get a makeover to produce a beard and dark hair for the show. Born in Ireland, he began acting on The Tudors. After being in many film and television shows, he earned reputable status from Patrick’s Day and Gridlock.

George Blagden as Athelstan

George Blagden is a stage and film actor of English descent and has played Louis XIV in Versailles, a French television drama. He was also in Les Miserables as Grantaire and has won many awards.

Athelstan was a man of great knowledge for Norse paganism and Christianity. This young Anglo-Saxon was a holy man brought to live in the Viking society. However, he struggled to keep his beliefs because his new environment differed significantly from his homeland.

Jennie Jacques as Judith

Judith is the daughter of King Aelle and the wife of Prince Aethelwulf. She had to lose her husband and Athelstan, her real lover. Later, she became the lover of King Ecbert on the Vikings series.

Jennie Jacques had many years of experience playing in historical dramas. This English actress had been in Desperate Romantics, playing Annie Miller. Then, she got a lead role on WPC as Gina Dawson, but she’s kept the recurring role on this show, too.

Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar the Boneless

Ivar the Boneless got his name from his father, and he’s the psychopathic son of Ragnar and Aslaug. He wants to get revenge on Lagertha for murdering his mother. Overall, Ivar the Boneless and the actor in the role are beardless, though they have different hairstyles.

Alex Høgh Andersen played Ivar the Boneless and is a Danish actor. He was born in Copenhagen and raised there, but he was passionate about acting after going to drama class in school. While his acting says otherwise, Alex isn’t as intimidating in real life as he is on the show.

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Jessalyn Gilsig as Siggy Haraldson

Siggy Haraldson is the enigmatic wife of Earl Haraldson, who was a chief of the Vikings in Kattegat. During the reign of King Earl, Siggy performed her necessary duties and was admired by everyone.

Jessalyn Gilsig has been in many television series. The Canadian-American actress has been on Vikings, Glee, Nip/Tuck, and Boston Public. She started acting as a voice-over for Masquerade, a Canadian film, at 12 years old.

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Ida Nielsen as Margrethe

Margrethe is the former slave that lives in Kattegat and became a free woman. During her slave years, she was shared by the four sons of Aslaug and Ragnar. While she was a lover to them all, she became Ubbe’s wife (the son of Ragnar), who freed her from slavery.

Ida Niesen is the Danish actress who played Margrethe on Vikings. She’s also played in Anna Pihl and A Viking Saga – Son of Thor.

Georgia Hirst as Torvi

Torvi is a princess, Shield-maiden, and Jari Borg’s ex-wife. After the death of her husband, she married Erlendur, an abusive man. Eventually, she murdered him and ran away to live with Bjorn in Kattegat. He is the firstborn of Ragnar.

Georgia Hirst is Maude Hirst’s younger sister. She’s well-known for her role in Vikings, which was her break-out part. Plus, she’s also done a little work on Ravers.

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Clive Standen as Rollo

Ragnar had a younger brother named Rollo Sigurdsson, the Duke of Normandy. Rollo was also William Marcellus’s and Celsa’s father and married Princess Gisla.

He earned a reputation of being the most feared warrior because of his impulsive streak. However, this Viking warrior also had internal struggles to deal with.

Though the Viking warrior had signature long hair, the actor playing Rollo didn’t. Clive Standen has been in many television roles, including Taken as Bryan Mills, Camelot as Sir Gawain, Robin Hood as Archer, and Doctor Who as Private Carl Harris. Of course, he’s great as Rollo in Vikings.

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Amy Bailey as Queen Kwenthrith

Queen Kwenthrith was also the Queen Regnant for Mercia. This woman was the daughter of King Offa and Prince Kenelm’s sister. On the show, fans learned that she went through a very traumatic and abusive childhood, surviving because of her wit and perseverance.

Amy Bailey played the Queen and was born in Texas, though she now lives in London and Los Angeles. She started out as a Houston Ballet ballerina, eventually moving to acting in the theater. Finally, she landed lead roles on Guys & Dolls and The Producers before coming to this one.

Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe

Ubbe was the first son of Ragnar Lothbrok and Aslaug and was conceived out of wedlock. While he might be called a bastard, he was finally thought of as the legitimate heir and son for Ragnar. Generally, he was the most responsible of their sons and asked consent from women before initiating intimacy, which is unlike the other men.

Jordan Smith is an excellent Australian-Scottish actor with a charming and irresistible accent. After many guest roles, he played Andrew Robinson in Neighbours, a soap opera in Australia. He’s been in many things, though most people know him from Vikings.

Karen Hassen as Therese

Therese was the West Franks noblewoman and lived at Emperor Charles’ court in Frankia. Also, she tried to manipulate Count Odo and eventually became his mistress. However, the character wasn’t introduced until season three, when she was praying in the cathedral.

Karen Hassen is a beautiful Northern Irish actress known for being on Hollyoaks as Lynsey Nolan. Recently, she got the lead in Cellar Door as Aidie.

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Dianne Doan as Yidu

Yidu was a very enigmatic woman and was the slaves’ servant in Kattegat in season four. She wasn’t the only Asian slave, but Aslaug took a liking to her, eventually purchasing her. Overall, she protected the sons of Ragnar, forming a close bond with the father.

Dianne Doan is the Canadian dancer and actress who was born in British Columbia. She began acting in 9th grade while taking drama classes. While she hadn’t been in many shows, you can see her in Guidance, Descendants: The School of Secrets, and Once Upon a Time.

Ruby O’Leary as Gyda Ragnarsdottir

Gyda Ragnarsdottir was Ragnar Lothbrok’s child with Lagertha, though she died during the plague. Still, she was a gentle and kind woman who wanted to learn the Vikings’ ways.

Ruby is an Irish actress and is very well-known, even though she’s young. Her first role on television was given to her for Vikings. However, you’re sure to see her more in the future.

Elinor Crawley as Thyri

Thyri was Siggy and Earl’s daughter, but like Gyda, she died in the plague at Kattegat. Initially, she was introduced in season one; she was offered to Rollo in marriage by her dad. Earl wanted to coax Rollo into testifying against Ragnar, his brother.

Elinor is a Welsh actress and is best known for playing Thyri. However, she was also in The White Queen as Cecily of York and has made appearances in many television shows, such as Doctors, Ordinary Lies, and Law & Order: UK. She became passionate about acting and learned her skill at The Workshop, which was the Cardiff training project for television and film performance.

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Peter Franzén as King Harald Finehair

King Harald is a Scandinavian warlord, but he’s also the King of Rogaland and Vestfold and was born in Tamdrup.

Before Ragnar’s death, King Harald was thought to be one of the biggest threats because he wanted to become the most powerful King of Norway.

Peter Franzén is a Finnish author, director, screenwriter, and actor. This talented man had a difficult childhood after being born in North Finland because of his abusive stepfather. That led him to write “Above Dark Waters.”

Lothaire Bluteau as Emperor Charles

Emperor Charles II is the complicated, troubled, and most powerful emperor in Frankia. He believed that battling the Vikings was a spiritual and earthly mission he had to take on. While he is occasionally perceived as weak by the nobles in his court, he’s a sly and merciless politician who works to eliminate all weaknesses to grab the best opportunities for himself.

Lothaire Bluteau is the Canadian actor who portrays this character, and he performs in French and English.

Before Vikings aired, Lothaire was already working in film, theater, and television internationally. People initially noticed him during his performance in Shadow of the Wind by Yves Simoneau. He’s also been in films such as Jesus de Montreal, Orlando, and I Shot Andy Warhol.

Sophie Vavasseur as Princess Ellisif

Princess Ellisif was the wife of Earl Vik and a Danish princess. She captured the attention and love of King Harald, promising to stay by his side while he became a ruler and conqueror. It wasn’t an easy task because he was focused on that instead of her.

Later in the series, the Princess attempted to pull a knife on the king during sex, so Halfdan had to kill her.

Sophie Vavasseur is a beautiful Irish actress and is best known for her role in Evelyn as Evelyn Doyle. She got nominated for an award, too!

Aside from the appearances on stage and in film, she has had many years of experience in voice-overs and advertisements. Plus, she was in Twang and Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Bishop Heahmund

Bishop Heahmund is the Saxon Bishop and Bishop Warrior of Sherborne. Initially, the Bishop Heahmund character was introduced in season one and appeared to comfort the Widow Ordlaf after her husband’s death.

However, the Bishop Heahmund character is highly complicated because he’s a true follower of God and Christianity, but he still coaxes the widow to have brutal sex with him. Plus, he engages in consuming alcohol and participates in battles because of his warrior status.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an excellent Irish actor known for his roles in films such as Mission Impossible 3, Bend It Like Beckham, Match Point, and Velvet Goldmine. Plus, he played the iconic Elvis Presley in the amazing miniseries, Elvis.

His Elvis performance earned him the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor of a Television Film or Miniseries. Since he looks so gorgeous, he was also a face model for various Hugo Boss fragrance campaigns.

Karima McAdams as Kassia

Kassia is the abbess and nun in Constantinople. She appears to be of noble birth already because she was raised in a wealthy family. Therefore, she grew up to be highly intelligent and exceptionally beautiful. Though she committed to being celibate as a nun, she developed a secret affair with Amir Allah.

Karima Adebibe is a Moroccan-English actress who changed her last name to McAdams. The fashion model was born in England and began modeling in Morocco. That paved the way to become the model for Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider video game series.

Aside from being on Vikings, she has also been in Deep State and Fearless.

Cathy White as Ealhswith

Ealhswith is the wife of King Aelle and the mother of Bjaela, Ecgberht, and Judith. Initially, she was introduced in season one and accompanied Echberht and King Aelle to welcome Aethelwulf. Aelle’s brother eventually led the army of the King against the Northmen.

Cathy White is the talented actress who hails from Belfast. She began her acting career by training at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Among her theater works, she became a regular at the Abbey Theater and Peacock Theater once she moved to Dublin. She’s also been in films, such as The General, Albert Nobbs, and Veronica Gerin.

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Jasper Pääkkönen as Halfdan the Black

Halfdan the Black was the younger brother of King Harald. He’s considered an impressive warrior because he used an ax and sword during battles. Initially, this character was introduced in season four when he arrived in Kattegat with King Harald’s warriors and ships.

Jasper Pääkkönen is a Finnish entrepreneur and film actor, and he’s known most for his breakthrough role in Vikings. Initially, he stole the attention because of his role on Salatut Elamat, a Finnish soap opera. One Finnish tabloid called him a profitable actor.

Overall, Jasper has been in various films, such as Helsinki, Naked Harbour, Bad Boys, and Heart of a Lion. Plus, he has won multiple awards because of those roles.

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Alexander Ludwig – Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside is the son of Lagertha and Ragnar and became Torvi’s husband and the heir of Kattegat. Overall, he was born to be like his father – wise and loyal. Such redeeming qualities made him solidify a name as being an intimidating leader, explorer, and warrior. Plus, he takes after his dad because he enjoys adventure and exploration above all else.

Alexander Ludwig is the young Canadian singer, model, and actor and is known for his appearances in popular films like The Hunger Games and The Seeker: Dark Is Rising. In fact, his performance in The Hunger Games as Cato brought him two awards for being the best movie villain. Right now, Alexander Ludwig is taking a theater major at a major university.

Anna Astrom as Hild

Hild was a very young servant at Kattegat who captured the attention and interest of Ragnar. His wife takes notice of that and warns the girl to be careful who she’s familiar with. Aslaug is then filled with jealousy and confronts her drunk husband about his attraction to the girl. Still, Ragnar lies and claims he doesn’t want to sleep with other women.

Anna Astrom is the young Swedish actress playing this role in Vikings. She was known for her performances in other films and TV series, such as Us, Pure, and Black Lake.

Jefferson Hall as Torstein

Torstein is a good friend of Floki and Ragnar and is one of the initial Viking warriors to invariably sail west to England. He was introduced initially in season one when he visited Ragnar at Floki’s home after getting wounded during the Earl Haraldson attack. There, he met Helga and became interested in her, getting invited into bed with her and Floki.

Jefferson Hall doesn’t have wavy golden hair and a bushy beard like he does in Vikings. In fact, you probably can’t tell he played the role because of the differences. Plus, he was in Game of Thrones as Ser Hugh of Vale, though he’s also been in Wizards vs. Aliens as Varg.

Overall, he got his start in the industry when he trained at the London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. Since that time, he’s had a varied and exciting film and television career.

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Donal Logue as King Horik

King Horik was a Viking ruler in Denmark and solidified an alliance initially with Ragnar. That paved the way for Ragnar to explore new land beyond the south and bring back many treasures. While the king had fierceness, love, and respect, he still had demons that were more prominent than whatever good he did.

The series continued progressing, with him being shown as a deceiver, authoritarian, and ruthless person.

Donal Logue is the Canadian-Irish-American actor, producer, and writer. He’s known most for his role in Sons of Anarchy as The Tao of Steve. While Sons of Anarchy helped him make a name for himself, he was also in other series, such as Terriers, Copper, and Grounded for Life, before he made it to Vikings.

From there, he became even more popular when he was on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Lt. Declan Murphy and on Fox’s Gotham as Detective Harvey Bullock.

alfred the great

King Alfred

King Alfred has been played by many people in the Vikings series. These include:

  • Uncredited infant actor in season three
  • Isaac O’Sullivan in season four
  • Conor O’Hanlon in season four
  • Ferdia Walsh-Peelo in seasons five and six

Overall, King Alfred was broadly based on Alfred the Great.

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Kevin Durand as Harbard

Harbard was a mysterious wanderer who wasn’t what he seemed. He showed up in Kattegat unexpectedly while Ragnar and the men were in a raid. However, he had an overpowering effect on Aslaug, Helga, and Siggy because they all saw him in a dream before his arrival.

Kevin Durand is the experienced Canadian singer and actor here, and he appeared in various studio and independent features ranging from comedies and drama to science fiction and action thrillers.

The talented man has been in The Strain as Vasiliy Fet, Lost as Martin Keamy, Dark Angel as Joshua, X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Fred J. Dukes, Robin Hood as Little John, Smokin’ Aces as Jeeves Tremor, Legion as Gabriel, and The Butterfly Effect as Carlos. However, he then got the 2012 Genie nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his role in Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster as Lenny Jackson!

Carrie Crowley as Elisef

Elisef is Erik’s wife and could be seen in season one in the crowd at Kattegat as the ships docked. When she saw her husband alive, she thanked the gods for the safe return. Then, Erik immediately told her about the treasures and slaves they’d returned with. Unfortunately, he was murdered as the season trekked on. Finally, Lief and Elisef are shown mourning him.

Carrie Crowley is a beautiful Irish actress, but she used to be a television and radio presenter. She’s been on many TV shows, including Echo Island and The Morbergs. This talented actress even had a chat show that was called Limelight. Recently, she’s been on shows such as An Crisis, School Run, and The Clinic.

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Maude Hirst as Helga

Helga was Floki’s lover and became his spouse. When the boat builder learned that she was carrying his baby, he asked her to marry him to avoid issues. They had a beautiful daughter and named her Angrboda. However, the painful death of her daughter overtook her, and she was finally killed by Tanaruz in season four.

Maude Hirst is a beautiful British actor, and she’s also the eldest daughter of Michael Hirst, a famous writer and producer. She got a degree in drama art at the Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts in London. Overall, she has been in The Tudors, Cash and Curry, Nuryan, Elizabeth: Golden Age, and Elizabeth.

John Kavanagh as The Seer

The Seer is actually the Oracle of Kattegat, which is a mystical soothsayer boasting supernatural powers. This creature can communicate with the gods easily and see the future or fate of a person’s life.

John Kavanagh was obscured here, and most people could only recognize him by his voice. This Irish actor has been on stage for many years, jump-starting his career in acting in Paddy, an Irish comedy where he was Willie Egan. Eventually, John moved on to larger films, such as The Black Dahlia, Braveheart, and Sweeney Todd.

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Morgane Polanski as Princess Gisla

Princess Gisla of West Franks is Rollo’s beautiful wife, Emperor Charles’ daughter, and the mother of Celsa, William, and Marcellus. Her character is supposed to be wise and could never be at the mercy of a ruler. She displays her commitment to her people and is more involved than her dad. Later, she became the Duchess of Normandy!

Morgane is a French model and actress and is best known for this role. She wanted to act from an early age because she was already living in such an environment. Her dad, Roman Polanski, is a filmmaker, and her mother, Emmanuelle Seigner, is a French actress. Therefore, she decided to go to the Drama Center in London and the Central School for Speech and Drama.

Other Characters of Note on the Vikings TV Series

While the actors and actresses above had significant roles in Vikings, they weren’t the only characters to bring about this era and lifestyle. Here are a few others of note:

  • Rob Malone as Thorgrim – He was the son of Kjetill and Ingvild and joined Floki’s expedition to set up the colony.
  • Ryan Henson as Hali – He was the son of Torvi and Bjorn and was killed by White Hair.
  • James Craze as Bul – He was the son of Rafarta and Eyvind and joined Floki’s expedition to set up the colony, though he was killed by Thorgrim.
  • Martin Maloney as Vigrid – He was a very minor character and one of Ivar’s men.
  • India Mullen as Aethegyth – She was a Wessex noblewoman and had only been in season five.
  • Anthony Brophy as Svase – He’s a Sami chief and Lagertha’s ally, though he was killed in battle. This character is loosely based on King Svasi, a legend.
  • Eve Connolly as Thora – She was Hvitserk’s love interest, though she was burned by Ivar’s men because she was a critic of his regime, denied his god status, and implicated herself. Hvitserk is constantly haunted by a ghost who wants him to kill the man.
  • Tallulah Belle Earley as Jorunn – She is the daughter of Rafarta and Eyvind and joined Floki’s expedition to set up the colony. However, Frodi kills her in season five.
  • Andre Eriksen and Eddie Drew as Odin – They were both Odin and appeared to Ragnar and the sons. Eddie was there in seasons one and three, but Andre didn’t come on board until season four.
  • Diarmaid Murtagh as Leif – He was a Ragnar warrior and the son of Elisef and Erik. However, he sacrificed himself at Uppsala.
  • Donna Dent as Rafarta – She is a Kattegat woman and the wife of Eyvind. She joined Floki’s expedition to set up the colony. However, her brother got killed by Erik Tryggvason, Kjetill’s dad, before the events of this series occurred. Finally, she was killed by Kjetill.
  • Thorbjorn Harr as Jarl Borg – This powerful warlord came from a Gotaland earldom. Torvi is his wife, and they had Guthrum, their son. However, Ragnar used the Blood Eagle to kill him because he attacked his family and people.
  • Edvin Endre as Prince Erlendur – He was King Horik’s first son and was spiteful and cruel. After his father died, he sought vengeance against Ragnar’s family. Finally, he married Torvi, conspiring to ruin Ragar with Half, though Torvi killed him after he threatened their son.


Who Created the Poster Art Concept?

Yigit Isik created the art concept in the first episode for 2017.

Who Was the Assistant Director for Each Part in the Series?

The assistant directors include:

  • Conor Flannery – Trainee and third assistant director for 10 episodes from 2013 to 2020

  • Miriam Ferguson – Assistant director for one episode from 2013 to 2018

  • Jessica Whelehan – Trainee and third assistant director for 54 episodes from 2013 to 2020

  • Richard Cosgrove – Trainee and second assistant director for 23 episodes from 2014 to 2020

  • Dani Wall – Trainee assistant director for 43 episodes from 2016 to 2020

  • Laurel Graham – Trainee and assistant director for one episode from 2013 to 2019

  • Nick Thomas – Second, third, and first assistant director for 35 episodes from 2013 to 2020

  • Fiona Freyne – Trainee assistant director for 20 episodes from 2019 to 2020

  • Raymond Kirk – First assistant director for 17 episodes from 2013 to 2020

  • Rachid Doha – Second assistant director for 16 episodes in 2020

  • Sonja Otto – Trainee and third assistant director for six episodes from 2013 to 2015

  • Oisin McGovern – Trainee and third assistant director for 14 episodes from 2015 to 2016

  • Nessa Linnane – Second assistant director for 14 episodes from 2013 to 2020

  • Johnathan Quinlan – Third assistant director for 13 episodes from 2014 to 2016

Who Was the Art Director?

Carmel Nugent was the supervising art director for 38 episodes from 2013 to 2019. However, Martin Goulding, Christine Fitzgerald, Christine McDonagh, Conor Dennison, and Jonathan McGonnell were also art directors in other years.

Who Was a Viking Warrior in the Series?

  • Eddie Elks (Olafur) – Season one

  • Richard Ashton (Thorvard) – Season two

  • Cillian O’Sullivan (Eirik) – Season four

  • Josh Donaldson (Hoskuld) – Season four

  • Noah Syndergaard (Thorbjorn) – Season six


It’s interesting to see how the Vikings lived during that time period, and the show itself is a testament to the era. You can quickly see that it was a difficult lifestyle, and you had to be fit, cunning, and smart to make it through to old age. Many men and women didn’t.

While Vikings is a television show, you still have an idea of what happened. Plus, it’s interesting to see the characters portrayed by actors and actresses you know and love. Many times, people get excited and try to remember where they saw them last, and that’s the magic and beauty of the film industry.

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