Which Viking Bracelet Is Ideal for you?

Despite their adversity, Vikings made a name for themselves in the world. Because of the brutal raids that the ancient Viking people were prone to, nations all over the world held the Vikings in high regard. The rich Viking culture and history of crafting exquisite jewelry, particularly Viking bracelets, has pushed the Vikings’ harsh side to the background today.

We’re going to talk about Viking bracelets today.

From the beginning of their civilization, the Vikings manufactured jewelry. The Vikings were experts in the field of jewelry manufacturing. They could make both simple metal jewelry and ornate products with incredible craftsmanship and design.

When we consider that Viking jewelry was created almost 1,000 years ago, we can see that the Vikings were absolutely unrivaled in the field of jewelry manufacture.

Bracelets, often known as arm rings or arm bands, were the most popular jewelry among the Vikings. This type of jewelry, unlike today’s bracelets, was primarily worn by men. Bracelets were manufactured in a variety of forms and were extremely important in Viking society.

Keep reading if you’re curious about why bracelets were so popular in Viking society and what purpose they served.


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The Purpose of Viking Bracelets

Viking bracelets were classed into three categories, regardless of how they were made:

  1. Decorative bracelets
  2. Commercial bracelets

Decorative Bracelets

The bracelets, which featured a variety of embellishments and ornamentation, were used as everyday jewelry by the Vikings. Silver and bronze were the most popular metals for constructing bracelets. Gold was highly valued during the Viking Age; however, only the wealthiest Vikings could afford it.

Bracelets that the Vikings wore as jewelry were commonly referred to as arm rings since they resembled rings but were tailored to the wrist’s size. The bands contributed considerably to the powerful Viking style with their exquisite design, ornate patterns, and carved animal figurines.

When it comes to arm bands, it’s worth noting that the designs were made to fit all wrist sizes because they were adjustable. The arm pieces may thus be easily adjusted to the joint’s proper width.

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Bracelet with ancient Scandinavian designs on a black background


Commercial Bracelets

The bracelets that were used as cash were not particularly attractive. They were, however, extremely valuable and, more significantly, practical. That is, it was simple to rip off a section of the bracelet and use it to pay for things while purchasing something. During the Viking Age, practically every man wore a bracelet designed for commerce that was long enough to wrap around 90 percent of the hand.

Silver was mostly utilized to construct bracelets that were purely intended to be used as a way of payment. Details etched on the bracelets that functioned as a substitute for money during the Viking era were uncommon.

It was mostly thinner silver ribbons, designed to make breaking off sections during the trade easier. All of this was discovered at archeological sites where several easily pliable and spiral twisted precious metal strips were discovered.

As previously stated, arm ring-shaped bracelets were the most frequent style of bracelet in Viking times. Bracelets are thought to have been one of the most common ways for Vikings to demonstrate their social rank and wealth. Nevertheless, for Viking society and culture, this piece of jewelry held a much greater significance.

Arm bands were much more to the Vikings than merely a piece of metal on their hand.


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Where Did Vikings get the Materials from?

The Vikings and their maritime adventures are not just known for their brutality. Many people had too much money in the Viking age, while others had absolutely little. Most of the Vikings belonged to the second group, and when they understood there was another world out of their realm with inconceivable wealth, they decided to take action and steal a piece of it for themselves.

What’s the Most Interesting Bracelet of the Viking Age?

A great number of bracelets have been discovered thus far. The majority were discovered during archeological digs at ancient Viking settlements. Ordinary individuals, on the other hand, discovered a considerable number of wristbands by accident.

The bracelet found in the village of Kircubbin is by far the most interesting.

Were the Bracelets Sentimental?

It’s apparent that the items held a lot of emotional weight for the ancient Nordics. However, knowing the entire history of Viking jewelry is required to truly comprehend why. You must genuinely appreciate and comprehend how the Vikings acquired the necessary materials to create their collection pieces in the first place.


The Viking idea of this type of jewelry has not vanished despite the centuries-long transformation that Viking bracelets have undergone. Furthermore, these items are still popular across the world today, albeit with a newer, more modern style that evolves through time. We guarantee that you’re not going to regret owning a Viking product in your collection! It’s easy to find a discount code for these products, so don’t miss out!


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