Viking Axe Tattoo and Traditional Viking Tattoos for Men

It’s crucial to understand the Vikings were much more than barbarians and plunders. These were complex people, skilled seafarers or farmers, keen travelers, and believed in destiny and the universe’s balance.

The beliefs and lifestyle of the culture have served as inspirations for tattoos, films, and literature. These ideas are widely accepted because little historical evidence shows the Vikings were heavily tattooed.

Their notorious reputation is associated with fearlessness, bravery, and strength; the Viking’s symbols are also beautiful and meaningful, making them an excellent choice for inking purposes.

People with Scandinavian ancestry can use Viking tattoo designs to honor their heritage; for other folks, it can be a way to celebrate the value of these incredible people. Many thought-provoking designs inspired by mythology, beliefs, and destiny can also be used for a Viking axe tattoo.

This piece discusses everything Viking tattoo-related and highlights some of the most prominent Viking tattoos, including a Viking axe tattoo and other various designs. By the end of this piece, you will know some of the next luxury axe tattoo ideas to place on your body. Without further ado, let us begin this axe tattoo article.

Who Are the Vikings?


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Their skills and bravery on the battlefield have earned them respect, leading the Vikings to be remembered as brutal and fearless warriors. These people were often connected with power and strength; the beliefs and lives of the culture inspired countless pieces of body art, films, and traditional art tattoos.

The origins of the Vikings were Scandinavian countries now known as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. During the Viking Age (the 8th and 11th centuries), these people thrived as they traveled across Europe, conquering and raiding new lands plus bringing new ideas to the nation.


What Is the History of Viking Tattoos?


viking axe tattoos

What we do know about Vikings comes from Arabic scholars describing the Norsemen, meaning little historical evidence exists to confirm that the Vikings were heavily tattooed. These ancient raiders and warriors were formidable. Their notorious reputation has become a symbol of courage, fearlessness, and strength, so the body art constantly inspires people who decide to be inked with exquisite Viking tattoos.

Tattoos would have great importance to the wearer and can include animals, symbols, and patterns. The Viking’s ink was a way to honor the gods, instill fear, and express themselves through tattoos.

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Viking Axe Tattoos


The axe was the most common, even though the Vikings used many different weapons. Choosing an axe tattoo is an excellent way to symbolize power, courage, bravery, and protection. These axes can have exquisite patterns on them, meaning they are interesting to look at and meaningful at the same time.

It would be best to select a large enough placement to allow for the detail of the design due to the shape of an axe. Legs and arms are the perfect spots for a tattoo because of their profile. With that being said, you can incorporate other images into it and get creative with your next luxury design axe tattoo.

An example of the above is a tattoo design of a Viking holding an axe. Using this combination, you can slightly change the meaning of your axe tattoo.

Side Axe Tattoos


The next luxury axe tattoo design we would love to share is a side axe tattoo. It is good to note that getting an axe tattoo on the side of your body is one of the most painful experiences there is.

One recommendation is to find your own way regarding pain management. This axe tattoo is going to hurt. The thing is that most axe tattoos require a ton of shading and detail that make them more intricate and difficult to ink.

No matter what ideas you have for your net luxury Viking axe tattoos, it would be best to consult with a professional artist to bring your piece to life. One of the best ideas to bring more meaning to your axe tattoos is to add the Elder Futhark rune to your axe tattoo. With all the options available, you would be silly not to use these symbols to make your axe tattoos or ideas look more outstanding.

Rib Axe Tattoos


Axe tattoos or design ideas on the ribs can be equally as painful as the previous entry. An axe tattoo requires extensive detailing and, in some case, may even need a bit of shading to fit one of your next luxury ideas.

Just manual labor of these axe tattoo designs can take hours, so be prepared to sit for a significant time. Ask your artist about axe tattoo ideas to make your tattoos look modern and cool. Talk about cool; it may be an excellent idea to add Thor holding an axe in your axe tattoos.

You can also have a piece of him carving wood with an axe for added effect, beauty, and story.

Leg Axe Tattoos


One of the most extraordinary things about getting axe tattoos on your legs or calves is that there is hardly any pain, and this is because the leg has minimal nerve endings and is protected by a thick layer of skin.

Even women can use these axe tattoos as an inspiration for cool and awesome axe tattoo designs. Consider using an image of Thor or a dragon to add more complexity to your axe tattoo piece.

Thigh Axe Tattoos


The only problem with getting modern Viking axe tattoos on your thigh is that the pain will be excruciating. If a sign shows your chosen tattoo designs may hurt, it is recommended to get in touch with an artist that supplies a numbing agent for axe tattoos.

Just manual labor of this process may take a while as you would need to take breaks often to avoid the pain from your axe tattoos or design ideas.

What’s incredible about getting an axe tattoo on your thigh is that you have a ton of space to make something awesome. It would be best to speak to your artist to find out their wood chopping ink ideas.

An Axe tattoo can be complemented ideally with the addition of a symbolic rune or traces of the wild world of the Vikings.


Hand Axe Tattoos


Tattoos, on the hand, can symbolize many things; you should look at ideas that stand out as it is a place that cannot be covered up easily. Having an axe tattoo on your hand or finger can not only look cool but make you the talk of the town.

Whether you decide to put it on your palm or the top of your hand, you will love getting a Viking axe tattoo or image in this location. One thing about this location is that it has a moderate to extreme pain threshold, so be aware of that before thinking about your new axe tattoo ideas.

Finger Axe Tattoos


Axe tattoos on the fingers are probably one of the most painful things you will experience due to the intricate details of an axe tattoo and other Viking tattoo designs.

Some axe tattoos can be carved to be modern and could be a sign of strength for the wearer. You can use an image of a dragon with an axe in the background to show that you are courageous and powerful.

It’s good to remember that axe tattoos are the types of tattoo designs that take time to finish, so make sure you are in the process for the long run.

Forearm Axe Tattoos


An axe tattoo on your forearm is a great way to show that you are a Viking warrior. You may want to look for wood chopping ink ideas to add a little spice to your tattoo design. These types of axe tattoos stand out because they can represent multiple meanings.

The wild world of the Vikings is filled with excitement, bravery, and many symbols. Axe tattoos are no exception and are a unique way to bring the Viking age into your own modern belief system.

There are many options for axe tattoos, so make sure to investigate all the options before leaving this page.

Wrist Axe Tattoos


One of the best things about getting an axe tattoo on your wrist is that it doesn’t need to be a big piece. You can put a small axe tattoo on the side of your wrist and be able to show it off or cover it up when you want to.

Another great thing about a wrist axe tattoo is that the area is less painful to ink due to minimal nerve endings, thick skin, and a manageable pain threshold.

Bicep Axe Tattoos


Your bicep is excellent to put your next Viking axe tattoo design. It is important to note that this area is often associated with pain due to the soft skin around the bicep.

You can also combine the axe tattoo with various Viking symbols to help it look more prominent. It doesn’t not only add meaning to your axe tattoo but gives it a ton of depth too!

Arm Axe Tattoos


Getting axe tattoos on both arms is a great way to present strength and courage. One of the best things about tattooing this area is the low pain scale cool effect it delivers.

Many different tattoo designs and axe tattoo styles can be used on your axe tattoos, and rightfully so. These tattoo designs typically require extensive manual labor to get them done, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

If you are someone looking to upgrade your axe tattoo, it may be good to speak to your artist about a royalty-free design. Come up with your tattoo ideas in your own way, and you won’t be disappointed with the results you receive.

Viking Skull Axe Tattoos

Depositphotos 278446404 S e1659677198856 Viking Axe Tattoo and Traditional Viking Tattoos for Men

One of the things about skull and axe tattoos is that they are universally recognized as a symbol of death, and they make a powerful statement about how the person either accepts that it is part of the life cycle or doesn’t fear death at all.

You may want to remind yourself that death is inevitable or want to show that you are not afraid, so you should live life to the fullest. In order to tailor this tattoo design to a Viking-inspired tattoo, you may wish to include runes, symbols, or ravens, and the above will result in a meaningful and striking tattoo.

Viking Wolf Axe Tattoos


In Norse mythology, there is one very special wolf known as Fenrir. The funny thing is that a wolf tattoo often represents the bond and loyalty between families, but this giant canine is sometimes viewed as a villain.

This wolf is the son of the god Loki and is believed to have killed the Allfather Odin. Even though he has a rough history, this wolf still represents strength and courage. He is respected and feared, plus this tattoo design will make an excellent piece. Either combine the dark wolf with an image of Odin or your favorite symbol to create a truly remarkable and awe-inspiring design.

Viking Ship Axe Tattoos


If they did not have the ship to take them there, the Vikings would not have been so victorious and conquering of new lands. The longboat was well made, light, fast, efficient, and one heck of an impressive plus cool invention.

Sometimes a snake or dragon head was carved into the ship’s prow to instill fear in the Viking’s enemies. These vessels are associated with adventures, new beginnings, and travel, making for a fantastic, impressive Viking ship and axe tattoo.

It can also represent the willingness to take a risk, find success, and the desire to achieve more in life. Thus, it is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to body art like this axe tattoo for the above reasons.


Viking Raven Axe Tattoos


Ravens were important in Norse mythology as they were knowledgeable and mysterious dark birds. Odin is believed to have had the ravens Munnin and Huginn, who provided him with information and watched over Midgard for the god.

The birds can be accompanied by various symbols and can make an awesome Viking-inspired tattoo. You can include an image of a Viking warrior or the Helm of Awe to spruce up this axe tattoo design.

These tattoos can also represent pain, war, and death, plus they can be inked flying over a battlefield. The symbolism attached to it is essential, even though there are multiple ways to incorporate a raven into your axe tattoo.

Viking Sword Axe Tattoos


Their selected weapons can be inked as symbols of bloodlust, formidability, and bravery because the Vikings were celebrated for their battlefield skills. Even though the axe was the most commonly used weapon, the sword was also used.

The blades of these swords show expert craftmanship, are incredibly beautiful, and represent bloodlust, bravery, strength, courage, and protection. Whether it has multiple runes added to it to create a unique message, is linked with the image of warriors, or is a stand-alone piece, there are many ways to incorporate a sword into your axe tattoo. If you are looking for a tattoo that will “wow” your friends, this stunning axe tattoo design should be on your list of ideas.

Getting an axe tattoo or finding the right ideas for your tattoos is never easy. With these tattoo designs, you will have the perfect axe tattoo.

Simple Viking Axe Tattoos


Many Viking symbols are intricate and complicated, but it can be costly and time-consuming to get inked even though they have their appeal. An alternative to those who prefer a minimalistic approach to baxe tattoos or those who are more laid back may like this simple Viking tattoo.

Some designs require minimal detailing or shading because they are treated using only a few lines. Even though the style and symbolism are simple, the tattoo will still retain its meaning. A simple axe tattoo is often created using black ink and stripping back the design to get the bare essentials of the symbol or art.

You are not limited by placement options or size due to these axe tattoo designs’ great versatility. All you need to do is select your favorite body part, whether hidden or super visible, and away you go.

An image of a modern axe tattoo is a great way to show how much you know about the Viking culture and can represent strength and courage in your life.

Viking Forearm Axe Tattoo


The forearm tattoo is one of the most popular axe tattoos. There are multiple reasons for this, including that the area is not considered high on the pain scale because of the lack of nerve endings, muscles, and thick skin.

It is the perfect area for someone who wants an axe tattoo that can look awesome but still be significant and detailed or small and delicate at the same time. If you wish to cover it up or make a powerful statement, the versatility of this location makes it a prime spot for an axe tattoo.

Your forearm is especially great for narrow and long pieces but big enough to allow for more intricate designs. An example of this is a dagger or an axe; this is a fantastic spot to get tattooed no matter what Viking-inspired ideas you are drawn to.

Viking Arm Axe Tattoos


The arm is a fantastic location to tattoo because it allows you to express yourself and show what matters to you and how you feel. Due to the visibility of an arm tattoo, you can stand out from the crowd with your excellent Viking axe tattoo design. The versatility of the location allows you to choose from various formats, including sleeve tattoos, intricate patterns, simple pieces, or small axe tattoo designs. It is simple to show off or cover one of these Viking axe tattoos, depending on how you feel.

Another great thing about getting tattooed on your arm is the area is considered to have low to moderate pain. The location is big enough that you are not limited to what you can get inked, allowing you to let your creativity run free.

With an axe tattoo on your arm, people will see the image and revel in its beauty. Please make sure the axe tattoo designs you choose can be carved to fit the more modern-day times that we live in.

Traditional Viking Axe Tattoo


Body art could instill fear in others, be used as means of personal identification, as a way to express oneself, or establish a social hierarchy. A lot of people are drawn to traditional Viking axe tattoos to honor the notorious warriors and raiders of the medieval ages. If a person opts for this approach, they will likely choose something detailed and extensive. That can mean a series of intricate patterns and symbols or several images or art that tell a story.

They chose prominent locations to allow for detailing because these warriors were known to cover up their bodies with ink and art. An excellent choice would be the back, chest, arm, or shoulder for this kind of Viking axe tattoo.

Traditional axe tattoo designs show people that you follow or believe in the Viking culture and their ideas.

Viking Valknut Axe Tattoo


While many Viking symbols include complicated axe designs, some are simple, like the Valknut. It represents the afterlife and comprises of three interlocking shapes with nine points. You want to choose this tattoo design because you want to display that you are not afraid of death or contemplate the balance between life in the heavens and on earth.

Moreover, you can also wear it as a protective symbol if you wish to do so. If you are someone who prefers a more minimalistic approach to an axe tattoo, deciding to get a Valknut tattoo is an excellent idea.

What’s great about this tattoo style is that it can be inked anywhere on the body, from the wrist to the chest, because it is a design that does not require a lot of space for detailing. You can use this axe tattoo to protect you and show the world that you are a student of the universe.


Viking the Helm of Awe Tattoo


This is one of the most popular choices for a Viking tattoo, and rightfully so. The Helm of Awe tattoo looks fascinating and is also full of symbolism; warriors of the Viking culture would use it as a magical stave or protective symbol.

These Viking people also believed that it gave them courage and strength and helped them achieve victory in battle. Although they didn’t have to choose a pretty prominent location, it may have been inked somewhere visible between their eyebrows. Choose the placement wisely and wear them with pride, as this striking axe tattoo is also a conversation starter.

Get this axe tattoo and include some wood chopping ink ideas to make it stand out from all the other tattoo designs on this list.

Viking Thor Hammer and Axe Tattoo


Thor’s hammer is also known as Mjolnir and is associated with lighting, thunder, and power. It is believed that Thor was using the weapon to defeat giants, and deciding on a tattoo of it will represent bravery, strength, and courage. It can also be worn as a protective symbol as he was the protector of Asgard.

This is an incredible choice for someone who views themselves as valuing or having these qualities plus wants the world to know that the symbol will protect what they care about no matter what.

Your axe tattoo won’t is complete without including Thor’s hammer in your axe tattoo. With tattoo designs like the ones mentioned in this piece, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to options.


Viking Web of Wyrd and Axe Tattoo


One of the most extraordinary things about Viking tattoos is they are unique and exciting. Each piece is rich in symbolism and is intriguing to look at. The Web of Wyrd represents the future, present, and past, plus it has an interwoven line design.

It also shows how each decision we make can directly influence the outcome of our lives and represents the connection of our fate to our destiny. One of the reasons they lived so fearlessly is that the Vikings believed that they were bound to a predecided future.

This tattoo can serve as a reminder to the person to live without regrets, choose wisely, and live well. Each tattoo can also help if you are looking for a way to let go of things holding you back. If you want a smaller tattoo that can be inked anywhere on the body, the simplicity of this design makes it a great choice.

Combine the Web of Wyrd with an axe tattoo to bring out the prominent features of these tattoo designs.

Viking Troll Cross and Axe Viking Tattoo


There was a belief that elves and trolls existed during the Viking era. One of the most potent symbols is known as the troll cross. This symbol could be worn as an amulet to provide safety to keep the wearer protected from danger from these creatures. The characters appear rounded at the top, with the bottom pieces crossing over. A troll cross tattoo can be a reminder to avoid people and things that will do you harm to you, or it can be a way to ward off negative energy.

Combining this axe tattoo with the troll cross is a great way to show your knowledge and understanding of the Viking culture.


Viking Rune Axe Tattoos


Opting for a rune tattoo is a beautiful way to do this if you want your axe tattoo to tell a story. The runes are an ancient Viking alphabet developed to describe things and places, and each of them has important symbolism, and it’s good to note that there are 24 of these runes.

These include representations of Yggdrasil and Odin. If you want to create meaningful ink, you can combine several runes or decide to go for a single rune tattoo. It is easy to recreate them in several sizes, either small or big, thanks to the relative simplicity of these symbols. This gives you the ability to play around with the placement and style of your Viking tattoo.

If you love finger tattoos, this is a fantastic choice. This tattoo design can also work great as a large piece along your spine or ribs; the option is yours. Get this axe tattoo so that up can show the world the Viking warrior you are.

Viking Ouroboros and Axe Tattoo


Many Viking symbols represent protection, the circle of life, continuity, and rebirth, but none are as daring as an Ouroboros tattoo. This design shows a massive snake in a round shape, eating its tails. These symbols come with powerful symbolism, representing renewal, eternity, life, and death.

It also makes for an exciting design that will likely become a conversation starter in addition to the meaning. By adding Viking runes, you can increase the importance of your ink by opting to combine several images, making your Viking tattoo design ideas even more unique and personal.

Mixing this axe tattoo with a troll cross tattoo or some other wood chipping ink ideas can spruce up the design and make you the talk of your friends.


Viking Yggdrasil and Axe Tattoo


You need a Yggdrasil tattoo if you want a tree of life design that is beautiful and meaningful. In Norse mythology, everything in the universe is represented by the sacred tree that connects all nine worlds through its roots and branches.

It is a powerful symbol associated with destiny: wisdom, power, cosmos, and harmony. You can tailor it to your taste by adding various images even though the design on its own makes for a stunning tattoo. The images you can use to spice up your Viking Yggdrasil tattoo include intricate patterns, runic symbols, and ravens.

Adding extra details to this axe tattoo can accentuate its features and make it stand out from other folk’s designs.


Vegvisir Viking Compass and Axe Tattoo


If you are a person who wants body art associated with protection, direction, and guidance getting a Vegvisor Viking compass tattoo is an excellent idea. The object was also thought to help individuals to weather any difficulties or storms that came their way and brought them good luck on journeys.

It was intended to guide the Vikings at sea and was created with eight rune staves. Something imperative to note is that this symbol could also help them make more vital choices in life more manageable. Anyone who feels like they need help finding their way or wants a reminder of the importance of staying on the right path will be drawn to this piece.

Dawn this axe tattoo if you want to feel safe and secure in your life’s adventures.


Viking Huginn, Muninn, and Axe Tattoo


The ravens Hugin and Munnin played a crucial role in Norse mythology, even though the Viking world was filled with fascinating beliefs and stories. They provided the god with information and watch over Midgard for him. These ravens are closely related to Odin and, in a way, represent the all-seeing eye.

Furthermore, the intelligent birds represent the mighty god’s power and presence and are often shown perched upon Odin’s shoulders. Munnin is associated with thought, and Huginn is connected to memory. You can get inked with a possible image of a Viking warrior or Odin and add both ravens together to bring the tattoo to life.

It is also possible to choose two limbs next to each other, such as the arms or legs. This is a way to display separate concepts that are still connected.

Viking Berserker and Axe Tattoo


A Viking berserker tattoo is precisely what you need if you want to make a powerful statement about fearlessness, fury, and strength. There were formidable warriors known as berserkers; these individuals fought without fear and were incredibly skilled.

Some people speak of the berserkers going into battle with an uncontrollable rage, and it said they were intimidating and fought in a trance-like state. If you are a person who admires the courage these warriors had or want to show the world that you should not be messed with, this is the Viking tattoo for you.

Viking Warrior Axe Tattoos


The Vikings are celebrated for their skill and fearlessness but were also remembered as plunderers and barbarians. A Viking warrior tattoo can honor the bravery and strength of these individuals and send a message to the world that a person is determined and fierce.

Hyper-realistic ink is one of the best options for this design. The piece can be intimidating with beautiful detailing and additional Viking rune symbols. You can make your body art unique by adding Viking weapons, symbols, and runes.

Viking Head Axe Tattoos


You have to be daring to opt for them these days, even though head tattoos were popular in the Viking times. The placement and visibility of this tattoo make it look fantastic, but there is also a downside to it. Due to the stigma attached to body art, getting a Viking head tattoo may limit your options for work.

It is bold and intimidating. You must remember that you can’t cover it up, so you must display it for the world to see. Another thing to think about is the pain involved in the tattooing process; it is not surprising that you would want to consider this due to the proximity to bones, nerve endings, and thin skin.

Viking Chest Axe Tattoos


One of the best locations to get it inked is on your chest, especially if a design is specifically meaningful to you. Chest tattoos are a great way to keep a vital symbol close to your heart so that you can treasure it for a lifetime.

There is no better body art to show that the tattoo is a reminder and is with you forever. No matter what tattoo you opt for, realistic and modern, traditional techniques, bold colors, or black ink on this versatile area can look stunning.

With the above in mind, tattooing this area can cause you some discomfort, especially getting close to the sternum or bone. Before planning out your tattoo, you may want to avoid the collarbone and sternum, so be aware of this.


Viking Back Axe Tattoo


Many people opt for a back tattoo because you do not need to see your body art every day for it to be meaningful to you. The relatively flat, significant location allows you to select a detailed or extensive design. It is also easy to show off or cover up if you wish and is considered low to moderate on the pain threshold scale.

Something people should note is that getting inked on your spine can be problematic if you need any injections like an epidural or require spinal surgery. Try to be mindful of this before getting a Viking back tattoo. One of the reasons for this is that it can increase the risk of infections.




Did the Vikings Have Tattoos?


Although it is believed that they did, there is very little evidence to support that the Vikings were covered in tattoos. Some of the findings come from Arabic scholars who mentioned that these individuals had been covered in body art. In the case of the Norsemen, tattoos would showcase their beliefs and personalities and played an essential role in helping them express themselves. It was also a way to instill fear in their enemies and provide them with protection.

What Does a Viking Tattoo Symbolize?

Viking tattoos can represent mystery, bloodlust, strength, and power, but this is dependent on the selected tattoo design. One thing you would have learned is that Vikings are considered formidable warriors that are both respected and feared, so getting a tattoo inspired by them would be associated with these traits.

What Is a Viking Tattoo Called?


Depending on your chosen design of the symbols you wish to incorporate, there are many different names for Viking tattoos. Some of the most effective options include images of their weapons, such as the sword or axe, longboats, or portraits of their likeness to remember; several symbols had great relevance to these people. These include but are not limited to: the Viking compass, Vegvisir, Yggrisall, the Valknut, and the Helm of Awe.

Is it Disrespectful to get a Norse Tattoo or Viking Symbols on Your Body?


There are always the problems of whether or not getting a particular design could be considered cultural misappropriation. However, it is not regarded as disrespectful to get a Norse tattoo anywhere on your body for the most part.

People of Scandinavian descent could use it to honor their ancestors, and for others, it can be a celebration of the Vikings’ values, beliefs, and cultures.

Multiple Viking symbols have been inked by artists worldwide and are incredibly popular to tattoo.

What Do the Three Viking Triangles Mean?


The Valknut design has nine points and is made up of three interlocking triangles. It can also be worn as a protective symbol to guard against those who mean harm or negative energy. Another thing that the Valknut tattoo represents is the afterlife and the understanding of it.

Do Vikings Still Exist in 2022?


The people who invaded and raided new lands do not exist because the Viking age is over. With that being said, many folks can trace their ancestry back to the Viking times and have decided to honor them by exploring parts of their heritage.

An example of this is a village in Norway with people living like Vikings and educating themselves on their trades. The area is designed as a living cultural heritage site and has been open to the public for some months. You can explore this location to learn more about the Vikings and their unique way of life.



Viking axe tattoo designs are all the fad lately, and rightfully so. You can add wood chopping ink ideas to your piece if you want your axe tattoo to look amazing.

The tattoo designs mentioned in this article were put here to inspire you and hopefully give you the axe tattoo ideas you are looking for.

You can now find the next luxury axe tattoo designs that will impress your friends and protect you from the dangers of life.

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