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When the end of October approaches, you know what time it is, the time for an extraordinary celebration known as Halloween. One of the most common questions asked by Viking enthusiasts is, “Did the Vikings ever celebrate this holiday?” The answer to this question depends on how you define Halloween.

We are sure to get the “No; they didn’t!” answer if we view it as a modern celebration. If we define it as the Irish Samhain, a kind of Mexican Day of the Dead, pre-Christianization, then the answer is a resounding yes; the Vikings did have that sort of day.

There was a celebration called the Blots which the Vikings hosted themselves. Furthermore, there were two primary Blots in Viking beliefs, the Disablot and the Alfablot.

In most cases, the term blot means Viking sacrifice, and it was the worshipping rituals to some mysterious creatures and the Norse gods. This piece explains more about the Viking “Halloween” ritual and showcases some fabulous Viking costumes that you will love.

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What Was the Alfablot?


As the name suggests, Alfablot is a sacrifice for the elves. In Viking mythology, “half” means “elf,” “heim” means ‘home,” which both come together and form the world “Alfheim.” The celebrations would be held at autumn’s end when the harvest finally ended and the leaves started to fall.

You may wonder how the Alfablot relates to the Irish Samhein or the Day of the Dead. Initially, simple questions need to be asked to define the two celebrations better. The latter is to honor family members who have passed, and the former is to herald a dark time coming ahead and mark the end of the harvesting season.

Most people can relate to this belief of the Vikings about the elves in their traditional culture and the dead. Elves were the spirits that lived beneath the land, and inside the mounds, they were a type of human soul incarnation.

If you want an example of this, you can look at King Olaf of Geirstad; he became known as Olaf Geirstad Alf. After this man’s death, a new name was given to him to honor his name in history and bury him at a higher stature. By looking at the above story, we can see how the Alfablot closely resembles the primary purpose of the Day of the Dead.


What Was the Disablot?


One of the most famous blots of the Viking was Disablot. Unlike the Alfablot, many people celebrated and observed these festivities in public. Mothers or women would carry out the ceremony, and it was recorded to be quite a spectacle. The celebrations were known as vetrnasetr, which means “three days before winter”; as the name suggests, the festivities happened during the winter nights.

Wishes held for upcoming seasons and to honor the disir who might be the Norms (the Norse fate creators), Freya (Goddess of fertility and love also the twin sister of god Freyr), Valkyries (Odin’s female helping spirits) were performed during this celebration.

Now that you have a little back history browsing through the above information let’s speak about some items that can be used as awesome Viking costumes for Halloween. Whether it’s jewelry or a Viking helmet you are interested in, we are sure something below will interest you.


viking halloween costume

Men’s Viking Costumes


A men’s Viking costume can make you feel like the star of the show, especially since you have been in search of one for so long. You could adorn jewelry on a flashy Viking helmet, or if you mean business, you can even grow a beard to match the yearly celebration.

Various products are available on this site, sign in, head over to the categories page, and search for your favorite items. We ship worldwide and have some of the best Viking costumes on the internet, like this one:


Men’s Brave Norse Warrior Viking Costume


This high-quality ancient Norse warrior costume includes leg ties, arm ties, a hat, and a bodysuit with armor. It is a fun piece that comes in brown representing the lands of the ancient people and the colors they used to wear the most.

If you are looking for a fabulous Viking outfit, you have found the right one. Stop what you are doing and invest in this attire for your next dress-up party, and we will ship it worldwide.


Women Viking Halloween Costume


Depositphotos 124006124 S e1659674989264 Viking Halloween Costume

Women have various options for dressing up as a Viking for Halloween. There are the options of dawning a Viking helmet or not and even wearing jewelry around the neck. On this site, you can search for women’s Viking costumes and find items that have designs on them, including hearts, stars, and other geometrical shapes and weavings.

Deciding what Viking costume you would like to wear would help you understand what items you should be looking for. If you live in colder lands, you may want a more traditional style like the Vikings. That means a full-body suit, including boots and possibly a jacket with fur. The choice is yours, but please know that we are here to be your number one Viking information source on the internet.


Women’s Viking Costume


Like the men’s costume we shared with you above, these women’s costumes are excellently designed and perfect for your next dress-up occasion. It gives off a sassy, sexy look and comes in a tan or brown color.

This costume is made from 100% polyester (FAUX FUR) and includes a peasant-style pullover minidress. You will receive a corset, half helmet, belt, wrist cuffs, dress, and cape with Faux fur collar when you purchase this product.

We will ship worldwide, allowing you to play Viking any day of the year. Your search for the best Viking costumes is over, as this is a sure sign this website has you covered.


What Other Information Should You Know About Vikings?


Vikings loved to instill fear in their enemies in how they dressed and the items they wore with their attire. You will find Vikings portrayed as these savage beasts throughout history, with their reach going as far as North Africa. It’s good to understand that a lot of the information on the internet is hugely vague or not research-backed.

One good thing is finding a reliable site with valid information to learn more about Vikings. Knowing more about this culture can help you find or create the best costume for Halloween. If you are too lazy to make your own clothes, you can always search this website and find something that suits your perfectly.




With Halloween coming up in the next few months, there has never been a better chance to start planning your costumes. If you want to be a Viking at Halloween, there are a few ways to go about it. You can design your own Viking jacket or hat, find a local costume hire, or let us ship you a uniquely designed piece of clothing that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Please remember that we ship worldwide and have one of the largest selections of Viking information online. We can’t wait to show you that Vikings were more than just fear and savagery!

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