Viking Costume Men | Your Guide to the Perfect Viking Wear

Vikings were often described as fierce warriors that sailed the seas and colonized land by fearlessly raging war on those who lived there. Nations that crossed their path often had to pay the price, which is why the Norse were such a feared and revered nation.

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This is why the Viking costume offers one of the toughest looks for men, making it the perfect adornment to complement your masculinity. You can create an impressive appearance by wearing a men’s Viking costume with a long beard and shield.

A great Viking costume usually inspires a spirit of adventure, whether you’re planning on dressing up as Lagertha, Loki, or Ragnar!

viking costume men

If you are looking for the perfect outfit to wear to a Viking-themed party or Norse-inspired festival, look no further! We’ll provide all the information you need to find your costume and enjoy a night as a Viking!

How Did Viking Men Traditionally Dress?

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The typical male Viking often wore trousers, a tunic, and a cloak. To help you find the perfect Viking-inspired costume, we should first speak about how the Vikings dressed traditionally.

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While you don’t need to go for a traditional look to have the best experience as a Viking, it may be helpful to understand the history behind Viking costumes before you search for clothing online.

The Tunic and Cloak

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This tunic may have reached the knees and resembled a long-sleeved shirt without buttons. After a bit of online browsing, you can find an online business that supplies tunics in various colors and materials. Be sure to check that the site has a guide to help you find the right size.


The man would typically drape a cloak over his shoulders that would be held together with a brooch. His arm, which he used to draw his weapon, was covered by the cloak, which made it possible to tell whether a man was left- or right-handed.



We don’t have much information on the trousers’ structure. They may have resembled plus fours since they were gathered below the knees. These trousers may have needed the wearer to adorn puttees or socks, which would have been wrapped around the shins.

Ragnar Lothbrok and the Tar-boiled Trousers

In the Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok, the writer talks about a brave Viking leader that boiled his trousers in tar, which he claimed helped to protect him against the serpent he was fighting. Many online stores, inc. Amazon have a wide selection of Ragnar Lothrok costumes that mimic this style of trousers at different price ranges.

The Viking Costumes Men Wear Today

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Numerous theories exist regarding the appearance of the Vikings. The truth s that the majority of the Norse warriors we see on TV are inaccurate and based on the producers’ interpretations.


Vikings Likely Adopted Many Styles


While certain Viking clothes may be easier to authenticate than others, no one depiction can capture the tremendous diversity of the Viking Age, which lasted for more than 250 years. Moreover, the Viking nation was spread throughout various geographical regions with diverse customs and influences.

Much of the Evidence of Viking Attire Is Lost to Time

Although there have been significant archaeological discoveries, much of the civilization has been lost to the passage of time. Unfortunately, disagreements over what may or may not be “correct” occasionally get in the way of people’s ability to appreciate and engage in common interests.

How Accurate Are Our Interpretations of What Vikings Wore?


1000 years after they made their mark on history, the mention of the Norse still evokes vivid images.

How realistic are these pictures, which were inspired by comics, computer games, and films? What did Vikings, in fact, put on as armor or clothes, and why?

Moreover, how would we ever know about every aspect, including different designs and hues, given that wood, leather, and natural materials swiftly return to the soil and rarely make it into the hands of historians and archaeologists?


It makes sense that after centuries, relics of Viking attire, particularly those in their original hues, are highly speculative.

What Viking Costumes Should You Wear?

You have two options when choosing your attire. Before you find your costume, you might want to stop and consider what the goal of wearing a costume is.

Hollywood Glamor Versus Authentic Wear


If it’s a dress-to-impress costume business party, you might want to go for the first option.

This is a glamorized look that is often depicted in Hollywood movies. Your other option is an authentic look that you would typically wear to historical reenactments. You will find a number of online stores that offer both types of costumes at different price ranges.

Hollywood Glamor


Hollywood is essentially a business, so selling movies is the ultimate goal. To that end, the producers try to create Viking characters that will sell and not necessarily depict real Vikings based on archaeological findings.

Authentic Wear


The dedicated Viking Age reenactor is on the other end of this scale. These people create their attire with great care, doing their best to recreate the period they are studying accurately. They essentially want to “live” in the Viking Era.

Authentic styles, genuine materials, and artisanal methods from the appropriate period are required.


Reenactors strive to be historically correct, not just to “look cool.” Moreover, the only acceptable costume options are those supported by irrefutable evidence or relics. This would likely include clothes made from natural materials such as flax.

Furthermore, for some in the reenactor community, dressing in hypothetical attire (i.e., what a Viking “could have” donned) is just as offensive as dressing in any attire. This is why they will pay just about any price to obtain authentic Viking costumes.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the perfect costume for a man, you can use the information on our site to find the perfect attire!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I Consider When Choosing a Viking Costume?

Some of the most important factors to consider are:

  • The occasion
  • Whether you need to dress to impress or mimic authentic Viking style
  • Price or budget
  • Shipping price
  • Size and fit
  • Accessories (axes, swords, shields, and horned hats make great accompaniments)


2. How Do I Find a Site That Sells Authentic Viking Attire?

By doing a quick Google search, you find local or worldwide suppliers of Viking costumes. Keep in mind that you will have to pay an additional price when choosing a global supplier.


3. Where Would I Wear a Viking Costume?

If you’re trying to find the perfect occasion to wear a costume you paid a handsome price for, we have some suggestions. Here are some occasions to wear your Viking attire:

  • Fancy dress party
  • Historical reenactment
  • Halloween party
  • As casual wear to show your appreciation for Norse culture and tradition
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