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Are you on the search for Viking shoes? Have you ever wondered what kind of boots Vikings wear? We explore the various categories of clothing Vikings used to wear around their feet.

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What Are Viking Shoes?

It would help if you considered that Vikings viewed the world from an old nordic standpoint and survived in times of change plus cold weather. No products or technologies could create the culture’s attire, which led the people to develop creative means to protect their feet.

How Did the Environment Influence Viking Shoes?

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During the Viking ages, the environment was unforgiving, harsh, and cold; these hostile conditions naturally influenced the types of clothing the Vikings wore. Any attire had to protect them from the elements and keep them warm during the winter months. The Vikings also needed their clothes to be flexible and practical for the daily tasks they had to perform.

That means that Viking shoes were commonly made from leather. It was a regular sight for Vikings to wear boots of ankle height, and both styles were made using the “turn shoe” technique.

The above technique involved the boots or shoes being molded, stitched from the inside, then transformed into their final shape via stretching. Most Viking shoes or boots were likely fastened by at least a single toggle so that they could be a better fit.

How Long Did Viking Shoes Last?


Boots didn’t last more than a few months and never over one year, even though the shoes were made from leather. The sole would require replacing and be worn down through wear and tear.

First and foremost, the type of cloth Vikings wore was for practical purposes. What they adorned also altered with the seasons, just as cultures these days. Garments may have been of high quality with symbols and patterns for those with more money or simply those of higher standing.

Think about the Vikings next time you dig out that oversized winter coat when the cold months are approaching, and realize you have more in common than you may have expected.

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